It is the area of dental medicine that restores the function and original shape of a tooth, either due to caries and the removal of the affected area and filling of this cavity with restorative material, or for aesthetic reasons for alteration of shape/position.

Dental caries is an oral disease that can arise from several factors: sugar-rich diet, presence of plaque, changes in the pH of saliva and characteristics of the teeth themselves. The bacteria of the plaque produce acids that destroy the tooth, starting by affecting the enamel, then the dentin and then the dental pulp. The best way to detect and treat caries is through regular visits to the dentist/hygienist.

There are situations in which you can change the original shape of the tooth, without it being decayed, in order to improve dental aesthetics. For example, when you want to close diastemas (increased space between teeth) or modify small dental rotations.

It is also within the dentistry that dental bleaching treatments are carried out.

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