Oral Surgery

This specialty of dental medicine is responsible for all surgical interventions related to and involving hard dental tissues and soft tissues.
Regarding hard tissues, oral surgery is responsible for extractions of teeth not feasible to maintain in the oral cavity, particularly, teeth not restorable because they have very extensive caries lesions, cases of loss of bone support or included teeth.
For soft tissues, oral surgery is responsible for pre-prosthetic surgeries and removal of soft tissue lesions (e.g. sinking of the vestibule, reduction of soft tissue volume, regularization of the bone rim, removal of bone torus, exploratory biopsies, removal of fibromas, etc.)

What is an included tooth?

It is a tooth that cannot emerge in the oral cavity that, if not removed, can bring some problems such as the formation of cysts, pericoronaritis (inflammation/infection of the area around tooth) or changes in sensitivity (paraesthesias caused by the proximity of the lower dentoalveolar nerve).

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