Periodontology is the specialty of Dental Medicine responsible for the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of the structures that support the teeth: gum and bone.

Gingivitis has as main signs the change in the color of the gum, which goes from pink to darker red, manifesting swelling and the tendency to bleeding because inflammation/infection processes.

In more advanced and uncontrolled cases, periodontitis arises, in which the bone begins to become also inflamed, causing the teeth to gain mobility.
Diagnosis should be as early as possible, since this pathology is of bacterial origin and may be related to general health problems (diabetes, heart and respiratory diseases). The treatment of periodontal disease develops in several stages and the need for differentiated procedures performed by the specialist, some of them may be surgical. The moments of reassessment are fundamental and the collaboration of the patient in the maintenance of oral health are predominant.

There are cases where, although gingival tissues are healthy, the periodontology specialist will have to do a small surgical intervention for example to correct defects such as gingival recessions or osseous defects.

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